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Pro Bono Resources - How The Process Works

The Illinois Human Rights Commission is dedicated to fighting discrimination by promoting freedom from unlawful discrimination as defined by the Illinois Human Rights Act.  The Commission provides a neutral forum for resolving complaints of discrimination through a fair and impartial process.  While the Commission is not a party to any case filed at the Commission, and cannot provide legal advice to any litigant, there are a number of law schools, bar associations and nonprofit organizations across the state that offer pro bono legal advice and representation for those who are unable to afford legal services.

The Illinois Attorney General’s Office provides a list of organizations that may be able to provide you with legal assistance, please consult the following pro bono providers located on the Illinois Attorney General’s website at:

The Commission, as the neutral and impartial forum for resolving complaints of discrimination under the Illinois Human Rights Act, cannot attest to the legal service provided by any legal service provider.